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Black Dog Syndrome

"Black Dog Syndrome" or "Black Dog Bias" is a phenomenon related to the difficulties black dogs face when waiting to be adopted.

In comparison to dogs in other colors, black ones usually have to wait far longer to find a home.
The stereotype people have on black dogs describes them as more scary, violence, and aggressive, especially if they are also big and tall.
The reason for this discrimination is not clear, but the assumptions are that people have long-held negative superstitions.

Most people don't want to even consider adopting them just because of the dark coat, no matter how sweet-natured the pet is. For some reasons, most people just think the lighter colors are much more friendly, due to a kind of "beauty myth" for pets.

Some believe that this is just a myth and other factors are more relevant when choosing a pet, like age, size, and breed.
But if you ask the people working in pet shelters and rescue centers, probably most of them will tell you about the sad situation of the black dogs, some of them are never adopted, and often among the first to be euthanized.


If you think that the color really doesn't matter and all a dog needs is simply love, help bring awareness to the issue and remind everyone that black dogs are just as perfect and giving them a home guarantee getting back a true best friend.

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Black Dog Syndrome - Take a Second Look

Spread the word about Black Dog Syndrome and save a life! Take a second look and help change the odds for homeless black dogs in your community. Black Dog Rescue Project provides education and awareness about Black Dog Syndrome and how to choose and care for a shelter dog. Adopt your next best friend today! For more information visit us at