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Cats – An Introduction

Cats – An Introduction

Cats are furry carnivorous mammals, divided into many different breeds.
The basic division is to Wild cats and Domestic cats.

Domestic cats are usually small and often called house cats, when raised as indoor pets, although in most areas there are small cats living as strays.
Cats have a strong and flexible body, quick reflexes as expected from hunters, and excellent senses.

Despite their hunting skills, cats are a social species, like to cuddle and communicate well through mewing, purring, growling, grunting, etc.

In ancient Egypt, cats were venerated and up until today they are considered noble and sometimes spoiled and snobbish, but very loved by many humans.

Many households raise cat or several cats as pets, and consider them as best friends due to their quiet and royalty nature.

Cats sleep most hours of the day, they are very independent and low maintenance in comparison with other pets. Also, the domestic cat is a significant predator of birds.
Having a cat in the house is also great in order to avoid mice and other small animals and cockroaches.
Some people raise their cats as if they were their own children, they take them for walks, play with them and show off their beloved furry friend at official Cat Shows.
Although culture led us to believe that cats do not get along with dogs, many families have both cats and dogs pets and they all live together happily.

Some cultures have known for superstitions about cats, especially black ones. Cats are also a very common model and character in arts of all sorts.
Many cats are popular in children’s culture, such as in books and movies. Among cat cartoons one can find Garfield, Felix, Hello Kitty, The Cat in The Hat, Alice’s Cheshire Cat and many many others.

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Cat Eyes

Is there anything more hypnotizing than cat eyes?! So beautiful...
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