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Picture of a boy fishing

Fishing is a term related to fish. In other words, it is the art or the profession of catching fish.
The industry supplies a growing demand of fish as a basic nutrient through out the world, and in certain regions fish is the principal source of food.

Fishing is also a hobby, providing a recreational time for many fans of it.
It is quite common as it requires a low cost equipment combined by a great chance of success.

Fans of catching fish tend to show the world not only their success but also their commitment to the hobby. Many of them wear a matching tee shirt or a related hoodie stating their love for fishing.

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Extreme Stalking For Carp

Stalking carp in gin clear water with a float. About ten fish were feeding on my spot and after spooking them for a couple of times I finally managed to hook up. During the fight you can see other fish show spawning behavior.

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