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A nurse with a large syringe

One of the most important professions in the health care sector is Nursing.
There are many different medicines fields that nurses specialize in and practice, but the essence of this profession is relevant to all of them – the patient care.
The nursing staff is part of every medical care team, although it is considered to be a paramedical practice.

During the history the nursing profession was more common for women, basically due to its similarity to maternal care.

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Florence Nightingale was one of the pioneer nurses of the modern era and laid the foundations of professional nursing and as an independent field, instead of being related to the Church as it used to be.
This is why the International Nurses Day is being celebrated on May 12th, which was Nightingale’s birthday.

The dedicated care of the nurses, helping people at their hardest times and while they are most needy, is appreciated and respected and together with their white coat uniform, many see nurses as not less than angels on earth.

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Professionalism in Nursing

Community Medical Center nurses educate nursing students and the general public on the qualities it takes to be a CMC nurse.